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Improving card security depends on two things. The first is to make sure the card is genuine. Chip cards achieve this as they are extremely difficult to copy. The second is to make sure the person presenting the card is its true owner. Chip card transactions depend on the use of your secret PIN, which means that only you can use the card.


You are in control

As you are required to enter your PIN you always have your card within your sight. Until your PIN has been entered, chip card transactions can be cancelled. If you are unhappy about anything, ask for the transaction to be cancelled or redone.


Disputed transactions

All chip card transactions record whether your PIN was entered. Disputed transaction resolution will centre on your PIN. If your PIN was entered for the transaction you will be held liable for payment. This is the reason why you must keep your PIN secret at all times and you never tell it to anyone. Existing procedures apply for other disputed transactions.

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